The Brown Mountain Lightning Bugs

The Brown Mountain Lightning Bugs are a folk(ish)/Americana group hailing from Winston-Salem, NC. Formed in 2015, the band is comprised of Zack and Kendra Harding, and Ryan Packett. The band is often joined by other musicians, including Wayne Redden (Log Noggins) and Trevor Walker (Wintervals). Their influences range from Neil Young to Regina Spektor. Blending their unique musical sensibilities, The Brown Mountain Lightning Bugs seek to craft an entertaining experience that has a little something for everyone.

Their inaugural album will be released in the fall of 2018.

Song-by-Song: Rambling Roads

From Kendra:

This one is a staple in our live show, and always gets a good response. I love the pairing of the bouncy, upbeat, down-home feel of the main banjo riff with the carefree attitude of the lyrics. And our little stacked harmony always makes me smile. This feel-good song makes me appreciate the beauty of simplicity, both in music and in life. I think that the vibe of this song was what Thoreau was going for in writing Walden. Except maybe less pretentious.

From Zack:

This song is one of the first songs I wrote when I started a solo project called “Skeeter Hawk.” I made a bedroom recording of it that was pretty good, but this kicks the pants off of it. I’ve played this tune with every group I’ve played with since it was written, including the one-off show with the band “Molehill Mountain.” It’s always a solid, reliable part of our set, and the vocal harmonies are fun. We’ve played the song in one of two ways, either really fast and bluegrass-ish in style or more funky and slow like it is on this recording. You never know which version you’ll get when we play it live, which is part of the fun!