The Brown Mountain Lightning Bugs

Kendra and Zack Harding form The Brown Mountain Lightning Bugs, a folk(ish)/Americana group hailing from Winston-Salem, NC. The band made its debut in 2015, shortly after the two tied the knot in an old chapel in the heart of the Piedmont.

Combining their unique backgrounds that range from classic rock to classical guitar, they create a blend of original music with deep roots in the past with a contemporary twist here and there.

The Bugs have played extensively throughout the Southeast, including performances on The Grey Eagle’s Patio Show Series, Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival, and at Awendaw Green. They’re currently in the studio working on their second album, due out in 2020.

Song-by-Song: Joni Girl

From Kendra:

This song. This song is probably the best thing I’ve ever been a part of. Not because I got to play melodica on it, but because I got to play a love song for a dog. This one speaks for itself (featuring some special BGVs from the Joni in question). I have nothing else to say, but here’s a picture of the muse herself.

d jone.jpg

From Zack:

I always introduce this as "the best love song I've ever written, and it's written for a dog!" Our black lab Joni holds a special place in my heart, as she has bonded with me closer than any other dog I've ever had, and I've had dogs my entire life. She loves to hike, and whenever you mention the word, she'll start yipping and jumping in excitement. I knew that'd be the perfect intro and outro to this song.

The main riff and melody is about as dogish as they come, and quite the earworm as well. People seem to like this song a lot, and it's always a fun part of our set. Plus, I get to see Kendra play melodica!